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Medical education

We are proud to say that we are the first training practice in the Tyldesley Area.  We train GP Registrars who are qualified doctors doing GP placement as part of their training.  We also have final year medical students from Manchester University who come to the surgery to acquire the knowledge and skills that they need to become an efficient doctor.

As a patient you will be informed before hand if the doctor has got a medical student sitting with him / her.  You can refuse for a medical student to be present there and it doesn’t affect, at all, your clinical care although we would appreciate your co-operation as the medical student can only learn when they see the patients with the GPs.  Sometimes medical students independently consult the patients, but under full supervision of one of the GP’s.

We are a training practice that is approved by the North West Deanery, who allocates us GP Registrars. These are doctors that have completed their hospital training and are in a training scheme to become a GP.  As part of their training they have already spent two years in a hospital in different specialities and join the surgery for 6 months (ST2) or a year (ST3). During their time with us they will also be sitting various exams, after which they become qualified GPs. They are under the supervision of the GP’s.