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Being considerate during the pandemic #bekind

Please don’t ask your GP practice for things because you can’t get them elsewhere. Your GP practice won’t prescribe items that you don’t normally get. #bekind

There is a high demand for both prescribed and over the counter medicines. Please understand that your pharmacy is stocked to meet your prescription needs and may not have everything immediately #bekind

Please don’t stockpile medication, don’t order early or over order. There will be enough to go around IF we order only what we need for the next month #bekind

Help the NHS. Make sure you’re registered for online GP services. Order repeat prescriptions online #bekind

If you’re thinking of buying medication online, please be careful! You should only buy from registered pharmacies. You can check if a pharmacy is registered on the General Pharmaceutical Council website

Our local pharmacies are very busy and home delivery services are in demand. If you can’t pick up your own medication, if possible please ask friends, family or neighbours to collect for you. #bekind